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Why do women enjoy being escorts

Nov 12, 2018
There are many reasons why women become escorts and enjoy it. The financial rewards really motivate them to become paid companions. It’s not always easy to deal with a standard 9 am to 5 pm job and receive a low salary, never be considered for a promotion and feeling unappreciated. For some women, this can have a negative impact, chipping away their happiness, confidence and self-esteem. Besides the financial rewards, these are the three most important reasons why women become escorts.

Offering companionship services gives women the chance to do something exciting and change their lifestyle. Don’t think that only women that are not appreciated at their jobs turn to this. There are plenty high class escorts who used to model, but did not have any interest to pursue a career in modelling. You can find new opportunities when you change careers. Ex-models begin to appreciate their qualities and love putting effort in pampering themselves.

Nowadays, finding a good job is harder than it was many years ago. And what’s even harder is keeping it for a long time. You might wake up the next day being unemployed due to job cuts. So this takes us to the next reason why women opt to become either cheap or luxury escorts. Whatever the case is, they offer different rates for an hour of their services. Some girls like to work independently, but there are many girls who choose to join escort agencies. The purpose is to make money right away. If you just lost your job, you can’t afford not having money. And if you were paid on a monthly base before, working as an escort will bring you money for every booking.

For young escorts who are just starting, everything is new and wonderful. They get to experience all sorts of things and accompany men to parties, dinners and so on. Working as an escort will definitely improve your cash flow, which means that these women are able to buy things they never thought they could buy. Earning money every day can be very refreshing, as opposed to receiving a salary once a month. But in order to earn money daily, escorts need to have either regular clients or lots of new ones. And here is the big advantage of working with an escort agency. Independent escorts have to promote themselves, while agencies have effective marketing strategies and handle all their adverts.

Another reason why women enjoy working as escorts is the flexible working hours. Escorts can decide when they want to work. Even if there might be an occasion where they need to accept working at a specific date and time, they are free to make their own schedule in general. You don’t see that happen at a regular job, do you? And the last reason - the attention. Lavish attention makes them enjoy escorting even more. Receiving compliments or even little gifts as a sign of appreciation really solves the self-esteem and confidence problems.

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