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Things you need to know before booking an escort

Aug 24, 2018
It's not unusual for men who are visiting the big urban centers in the UK to hire an elite London escort for entertainment during their stay. If you find yourself in a situation like that, there are a few things that you should know about booking an escort.

Escort agencies

A lot of people hire escorts trough agencies, mostly because they don't work with just anybody. This means that you are somehow guaranteed to have a good experience and enjoy quality services. Just be careful when you choose an agency, as there are budget varieties and premium varieties.

Most things about escort agencies are standardized. Usually, they have standard replies and they ask their clients some questions in order to verify them. Sometimes, agencies use their information to find the right escorts for them. Then, the escort is briefed about the client, so that she can prepare for the session. Some clients ask for specific outfits, some express their fetishes and so on. You need to inform the agency about your wishes. By giving them information, they can match you up with the right escort.

If you find a good agency, stick with it. Not all agencies are good, and you don't want to waste your time, money and energy. Bad agencies don't respect their clients and act in the bait and switch procedure. Like they set a client up with any escort, no matter which one they chose.

Independent escorts

There are plenty of independent high class escorts in London. They are not independent because they were not accepted by an agency, but because they simply chose not to work with one, most likely because they don't want to share the money.

Most escorts work with an agency for a few years and then continue on their own. Thanks to the Internet, they can self-promote and build up a good client base, unless they've already built one. Booking an independent escort is not that different from booking through an escort agency. However, agencies know the schedule of all the escorts they work with and they can offer you a better service, as repeat work depends on the client reviews.


  • Online search - All good escort agencies have a running website, where you can check out their services and escort galleries. Don't fall for sexy pictures on a random website that you came across. Try to search for something like "escort services in London" and check out the top results.
  • Online reviews - Some websites manage to break into the top rankings, even if they are not legitimate. So, in order to verify whether a website is genuine or not, simply check its reviews from previous clients.
Now that you have chosen your escort, let's see how you should behave when you meet her:

Payment first
This is the first thing you have to do when your escort arrives and they usually want cash, so be prepared.

Be confident
This will help you enjoy her services much better than you would if you were nervous. Of course, a professional escort will always reassure you and put you at ease if you are nervous. But remember, self-confidence attracts people.

Be courteous
Respect your escort and she will respect you. Don't consider her a cheap thrill, but a professional. She will be more open, more confident and offer her services with so much more pleasure.

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