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Calling an escort agency

Sep 6, 2018
Using an escort service is like using any other service. Don’t imagine that you have to go on the streets and pick a stranger. You contact the agency and set up a meeting with your companion at your place, a hotel or your companion’s place. There are also independent escorts that can be found online. But you still need to contact the escort and make all the arrangements.

With the importance of the internet nowadays, you can find pretty much anything online. You can check out several escort agencies to see what they offer, but don’t expect to talk about specific services on the phone. When an agency says that it offers full companionship or a girlfriend/boyfriend experience you can be sure that you will have sex. Not all agencies include sex as a part of their product line and some of them don’t make that information clear. So if you are confused about that, the best way to find out if sex is included is to call and express your interest in a full companionship.

Usually, the escort agency will tell you that you’ll have to pay them a fee and that there are also tips. Well, that tip stands for the services that you will receive from the escort. Prices can vary, but usually escorts make the same amount of money per hour as lawyers.

Get a recommendation from a friend

If you have a friend that is into escorts, you should ask him to recommend an escort or an escort agency. You will most likely choose an escort just by looking at photos, but you can also ask for some more details. Sometimes, people are looking for escorts that fit their mood or that have a specific personality. Contacting an independent escort online has advantages as well. You can get to know that person before you meet. That way, the escort will not be a complete stranger to you or your desires. A lot of escorts have moved their business online, because it’s much safer and less law enforcement.

Also, don’t be afraid to specify what you want. It’s important to let the agency know if you want something specific like bondage, anal sex or other. This way, it will be much easier for them to send you an escort that is specialized in your area of interest.

Once you choose an escort, if you want to meet at your place or at a hotel, you need to give the phone operator clear directions to that place, unless you want them to get lost. Then, the agency contacts the escort to make sure she or he is available and then calls you back to confirm the appointment. You might want to mention about a second choice as well, just in case the first one is not available.

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