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Expert Tips on Anal Sex Positions From London's Escorts

Apr 4, 2023
Does the idea of anal sex make you squirm and break out into a cold sweat? Fear not, my friends, because London's escorts are here to shed some light on the ins and outs (no pun intended) of this particularly risqué act. When it comes to anal sex positions, there are lots of great options that can ensure your safety and pleasure. Don't worry: whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro, we've got tips for everyone! From the glamorous doggy-style position to the more modest missionary style, our experts will guide you through each position step-by-step. From lubing up and getting in position to making sure there's enough padding between your bodies, our escorts will have you feeling confident enough to go from "oh god" to "Oh yeah"!So let's take a deep dive into the world of anal sex positions—because there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy yourself too!

Introduction to Anal Sex and the Best Positions

It's no secret that anal sex is becoming increasingly mainstream, and for good reason - it can be incredibly pleasurable! However, it's important to take your time and make sure you are using the proper techniques to maximize pleasure, safely. So what positions are best for anal sex? Well, according to London's best escort agency, the position is key when it comes to having a successful and pleasurable experience. Here are some of the highest recommended positions from their experts:
  • Doggy style: This classic position is great for anal sex – especially if you're new to anal play. Being on hands and knees allows your partner to penetrate slowly with full control.
  • The Spoon: This cuddly position offers maximum comfort while also allowing access to erogenous zones like the nipples and clitoris. Plus, being side-by-side is a great way for you both to feel connected.
  • Standing up: Not just for quickies anymore! Stand-up positions provide maximum penetration and controlled thrusting with minimum fuss – plus a perfect view of the action!
No matter which positions you're in, always remember that communication is key for successful anal sex! Talk about what works best for both of you in terms of depth, speed, and pressure. With these tips in mind, happy exploring!

The Top Anal Sex Positions Recommended by London's Escorts

Anal sex can be more than a little intimidating for a first-timer, and it's important to understand the best positions for your comfort and safety. Fortunately, London's professional escorts have tried it all and can provide expert advice on where to start! Ready? Here are some of the top anal sex positions recommended by London's escorts:
  • The "Sideways Snuggles": Lie on your side and hug your partner close for an intimate twist on doggy style. This position is excellent for leisurely massage and kissing.
  • The "Pleasure Plank": This one requires a bit of strength, but can be incredibly stimulating. Both partners kneel while facing away from each other, then one presses their torso against the other's back while thrusting.
  • The "Figure Eight": Perfect for slow and sensual lovemaking, this position involves both partners lying face down with legs intertwined in what looks like a figure eight pattern. It's great for slow grinding or coupling with a vibrator – trust us!
So whatever type of anal play you're looking to engage in, there's sure to be an enjoyable position out there for you! With a little patience and communication, London escorts guarantee you'll find the perfect technique that works best for both you and your partner.

Best Positions for Newcomers to Anal Sex

Are you a newcomer to the back door and want some expert tips on the best positions for anal sex? Then look no further than London's escorts—they know their stuff when it comes to pleasure! Here are three of the most comfortable, enjoyable positions they highly recommend:


This classic position is always a winner and can often be easier for someone new to anal sex. You can customize it to your own preferences and go slow or fast – whatever feels best! The giver can also use their hands to stimulate other areas, like your clitoris or nipples.


As one of the most intimate positions, spooning may be just what you need if you want a more romantic experience with your partner. With this position, you’ll both be able to control the pace, as well as have lots of access for clitoral stimulation.

Reverse Cowgirl

If you want something that’s more adventurous and gives you more control over angle and depth, then reverse cowgirl might be the position for you! You get to be in charge and set the rhythm from the top, allowing for better access and better sensation. What’s not to love? So there you have it – three amazing positions for anyone new to anal sex! Now get out there and enjoy yourself!

Best Positions for Experienced Anal Sex Enthusiasts

If you’re an experienced enthusiast of anal sex, the options for toe-curling positions are seemingly endless. As London’s most sought-after escorts will enlighten you, there are lots of inventive ways to spice up your next backdoor rendezvous. Here are a few tips to help put some extra flavor to your anal sex position menu:


Spooning is a great way to get up close and intimate with your partner. And since it’s incredibly comfortable and simple, it’s perfect for both inexperienced and experienced lovers alike. Gently enter from behind and enjoy the sensation of intimacy as you move in unison.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is another great position for those looking for a more adventurous experience. With your partner on all fours, you can take control and drive the tempo however you please – from light strokes to passionate thrusts! This also provides an excellent angle for stimulating all the right spots.

Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy

For even more varied stimulation, try out the reverse cowgirl or cowboy! Almost similar to doggy style but with a bit more flexibility, this is an excellent option for couples looking to switch up their standard repertoire. As you straddle your partner and take control of the movements, be sure to take it slow and build up intensity gradually (this is especially important if new to this position!).

Making the Most of Each Position With the Right Tools

Good things come to those who prep—and that's true for anal sex positions too. To make the most of each position, you'll want an arsenal of tools handy. London's escorts have seen it all, from the pros and cons of each toy and lubricant to the special tricks that can take your partner to a whole new level of pleasure.


You can't even think about getting started without proper lube! Silicone-based is your go-to for anal sex because it's thicker, lasts longer, and won't dry out as quickly. But keep in mind that if you're using toys you want to stay away from silicone-based lubes since it interacts with the material. Go for a water-based lube instead—it'll be easier on your butt and your toys.


Butt plugs, probes, beads, and rings—it's a veritable playground out there! These can add an extra tingling sensation when used correctly, but make sure whatever kind of toy you choose has a wide base or handle so it won't get lost inside your bum! And don't forget about condoms too—they can help provide extra lubrication when needed.

Other Tools

Don't be afraid to experiment with different positions as well as incorporate other accessories such as bondage tape or spanking paddles. With the right partner and a little creativity, you'll be unlocking all kinds of exciting sensations before you know it!

Tips and Tricks on How to Enjoy Safe Anal Sex

Have you heard that anal sex is the best way to spice up your intimate affairs? We have good news—it's true! But before you start trying out new positions, know that it can be a little tricky to make sure it's safe and comfortable for both of you. To make sure everyone enjoys the experience, here are some top tips from London's expert escorts that'll make anal sex an unforgettable experience:

Safe and Clean

This should go without saying, but safety first! Make sure both partners have been tested for STDs and that your chosen position is comfortable and within reach. Don't forget to use a good quality condom and lube—this helps protect the delicate lining of your anus and makes it easier to slide into place. And last but not least, don't forget to keep things clean by wiping away any lubricant or other bodily fluids.

Start Slow

No matter what position you choose, take it slow in the beginning. Take deep breaths, push out some air with each movement, and focus on the sensation rather than trying to get straight to business. This allows your body time to adjust so you can find a rhythm that works for both of you and makes anal sex an enjoyable experience.

Find Your Favourites

Finally, experiment with different positions until you find one that works for both of you. Some popular favorites are doggy style, spooning, reverse cowgirl, or lying down—the possibilities are endless! Once you've settled on one that works great for both of you, stick with it!


In conclusion, it turns out that the best position for anal sex depends not only on the pleasure of the partners involved but also on the context in which it’s taking place. While it may be intimidating to some, the pros of anal sex are worth the effort. With a bit of practice and meaningful communication, you can soon find yourself comfortably and confidently pleasuring in any one of these expert positions recommended by London’s escorts!

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